Danielle Roberts – One of Our Great Naturopaths.

Danielle has 20 years experience as a qualified practising Naturopath and has always had a passion for health, vitality and helping others strive to be the best they can be.

She works with patients by listening throughly to the person and their signs and symptoms and highlights their needs and health goals before determining appropriate testing, dietary requirements and lifestyle advice. She also actively works as a qualified fitness instructor on land and in water and combines both her knowledge of the physical, mental and emotional aspects that contribute to our health to help her patients grasp and understand ways to develop their own optimal path.

Danielle has a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine). She has always enjoyed working closely alongside General Practitioners and this is no exception to our Practise and we believe this is integrative medicine in its strongest supportive capacity.

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Danielle has previously co-managed a pharmacy where she worked both as a Naturopath and Dispensary Technician. This provided her with invaluable experience with both traditional western and complementary medicine. Danielle often considers the wise words of Carl Sagan, who said, “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

Danielle treats a broad array of conditions and ages. Her strengths surround Hormonal issues – both male and female including adrenal insufficiency , anxiety and sleep disturbances. Sound familiar? ARE YOU TIRED? SUFFER SLEEP DISTURBANCE? ANXIETY? HOT FLUSHES? WANTING TO FALL PREGNANT? LIBETO ISSUES? DETOX ISSUES? CANT LOSE WEIGHT? CANT PUT ON WEIGHT? Then this test could benefit you …

Danielle utilises the aid of functional medicine DUTCH COMPLETE testing – A dried urine and saliva test performed over a 24 hour period to determine hormonal status including the way the body metabolises hormones, To properly characterise a patient’s cortisol status, free and metabolised cortisol should be measured to avoid misleading results when cortisol clearance is abnormally high or low. Likewise with sex hormones, measuring estrogen and androgen metabolites gives a fuller picture for more precise clinical diagnosis of hormonal imbalances and HRT monitoring. From here Danielle can work with one of our GP’s if bio-identical hormone restoration is indicated along side herbal and nutritional supplementation and specific tailored dietary advice. She believes this combination of factors are all key drivers to strive for the best health outcomes, including achieving a positive state of mind.

Being a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor Danielle understands the frustrations that can present with regards to weight loss and muscle gain and can explore deeper into contributing factors surrounding these complications. 
Danielle has pursued further study in diet and nutrition, and has a strength and passion when it comes to the emerging field of gut health. This includes SIBO (see blog ), GERD, food intolerances, skin issues including eczema, acne and rosacea and auto-immune disorders including hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Rhumatoid athritis. Danielle is very familiar with tailored diets such as Ketogenic, FODMAPS, Autoimmune reset and GAPS.

Danielle also offers bioimpedance cellular health testing via Quadscan body composition analysis in her consultations. This is a scientifically proven method of measuring cellular health, nutritional status, and fluid shifts in the body. It helps measure body fat to muscle mass ratio, quality of muscle and basal metabolic rate.
Being a mother herself, Danielle also has a keen interest in children’s health, including food intolerances and behavioural disorders. She runs programmes designed to decrease stress, increase energy, lose weight, regulate hormones, assist detoxification and increase immunity. You can find her on Facebook under Danielle Roberts Naturopath.

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