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Have you felt let down by some doctors or other health professionals in the past? Maybe they didn’t listen to you? Perhaps they offered you solutions that clearly didn’t work, but then tried nothing else? We will not treat you like that at Pulse in Minyama on the Sunshine Coast.

There are many reasons some doctors don’t give people the best treatment;
• Some doctors are ignorant about some aspects of medicine. No doctor
knows everything, and that most definitely includes us, but some doctors
have stopped learning.
• Some doctors are not willing to try anything new.
• Other doctors don’t listen very well.
• A very small percentage of doctors just don’t care, as is the case in any other

There is a shortage of GP’s in Australia at present. So if a doctor lets a patient down, there is usually another customer just around the corner. In some surgeries bulk billing has degraded the value of the doctor patient relationship. One reason for that is that bulk billing might mean there is less pressure on the doctor to provide a top service, because he or she can actually earn more money by pushing more patients through the doors, and thereby give less time to each patient. This means there may be no financial incentive to put in the time and effort to solve complicated medical problems.

We do not bulk bill. This means we are not financially pressured to rush consults.

At Pulse, we do not treat you like a number. What is more, you are given the time you deserve. We will listen to you. In addition, we will offer you the latest treatments from both the “conventional” medical world and the so called “naturopathic” world. This is known as complementary medicine. It is also known as “functional medicine” or “integrative medicine.” We think this is often the best way to help people.

If you, the patient, is willing, we often do joint consults in which both a naturopath and a GP offer you treatment and advice. We are excited to be one of the first practices to offer this type of service to people on the Sunshine Coast.

Pulse Holistic Medical Centre

Fees to see Dr Mark Fulton, Dr Tracy Johns, Dr Nicole Nelson (Doctors book closed,) Dr Anthony Ridings (currently book open)

Our practice is a private billing practice.

Brief consultation (under 5 minutes)$30.00 (rebate $18.95)
Standard consultation (5-20 minutes)$100.00 (rebate $41.20)
Long Consultation (20-40 minutes)$185.00 (rebate $80.10)
Extra Long Consultation (over 40minutes or over 1 hour$270.00-$400 (rebate $118/$191.20)
Initial Consultation (1 hour)$420.00 (rebate $118.00)
Second follow up Consultation (1hour)$370.00 (rebate $118.00)

Fees to see Gina Wilson- Naturopath.

Gina works Wednesday

Initial consultation ( 90mins)$170.00
Testing consult (60mins)$150.00
Follow up (45 mins)$130.00
Follow up (30 mins)$100.00

Fees to see Danielle Roberts – Naturopath.

Danielle works Monday and Tuesday and Thursday morning

Initial consultation ( 1 hour)$170.00
Follow up (30 mins)
Follow up ( 45mins)
Follow up (1hour)

Cancellation Policy

People who “do not show” will be billed for their consult at a charge of half the consultation price, please give us at least 24 hours notice if you do need cancel or postpone your appointment.

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