What we do and offer.

Total health checks.

An in-depth assessment available to all patients, with a strong emphasis on preventative medicine.

Psychiatric support.

Primarily, but not exclusively, through orthomolecular therapy. This treatment can be innovative, successful and life changing.

Nutritional advice.

Diet is perhaps the one most important factor that affects our health, and our doctors and naturopaths have a focused interest in nutrition. We can provide detailed dietary advice, have extensive experience supporting patients with intolerances and other diet restrictions, and offer a range of specific treatment protocols for low FODMAP, GAPS, autoimmune, ketogenic and other dietary requirements.

Natural medicine supplementation.

Some patients suffer from some mild to moderate nutritional deficiencies, and our integrative approach provides support through supplementation when appropriate.

Hormone restoration and therapy.

Using bio-identical hormones and specific testing regimes such as the DUTCH complete test, Dr Nicole Nelson and Naturopath Danielle Roberts specialise in treating autoimmune and thyroid disorders, menopause, ageing, adrenal insufficiency and other hormone related conditions.

Gut health.

We treat a range of gut disorders including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and other digestive disorders.

Antenatal and postnatal care.

Before falling pregnant, it is important that both parents’ health is supported, with supplementation recommended in many cases. We also provide comprehensive care for new families, including specialist support from our midwife and lactation consultant Yvette.

Diabetes reversal and management.

Taking a drug or an injection is only one part of diabetes management – in fact many of our patients are able to reduce and even remove reliance on medication through a combination of diet, exercise, supplementation and other support.

Cancer prevention.

There are range of things you can do to reduce the risk of cancer, yet many of our patients come to our clinic without a thorough understanding of what these are. Our doctors and naturopaths are all trained to provide to support in a range of areas including diet, lifestyle and supplementation to assist in preventing cancer. To find out more, please see our blog on this. Read Blog >

Holistic asthma management.

There is more to treating asthma than just medication. We take a holistic approach to the management of this condition, and can help reduce its impact by working on some of the causes and not just the symptoms.

Cardiovascular risk assessment.

There is much more to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease than just controlling high blood pressure or treating cholesterol. We often do start by providing you with a machine to measure your blood pressure for a week to gain a true measure of this important factor, as well as extensive blood testing where appropriate to look for genetic and environmental causes of cardiovascular disease. We then consider a range of options to provide individual support. To find out more, please see our blog on this. Read Blog >

Women’s and men’s health.

We off a full range of typical wellness services, however we also provide a complementary approach that incorporates diet, lifestyle, mindfulness, and many other factors.

Aged care and health assessments.

Our practice team are very experienced and provide comprehensive health care assessments for our older patients. As part of that, we are particularly interested in the treatment and prevention of dementia.

Practice Information.


Urgent consultations with Dr Mark Fulton and Dr Anthony Ridings are available on the day of request.
If your appointment is for other than a standard consultation, (ie for several problems, a long involved problem, or for a medical report, care plan or procedure,) please tell the receptionist when you make the appointment so that extra time can be allowed. We don’t want to rush you.

House calls

We are able to visit you at home if you are a registered patient of this practice and you are too sick to come to the surgery. Please ring the receptionist to make a time. Please appreciate that for some types of medical problems, a house call is not in the patient’s best interests due to a lack of medical resources.

We can only offer a home visit at the end of a day, or during standard hours if booked a number of days in advance, as Mark will already have appointments at the surgery booked during normal hours.

Personal health information

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times. If you have any change of details, please let reception know so your file is current and up to date. We will ask for your email address. We will send you an occasional newsletter containing interesting information. You may unsubscribe any time.

Telehealth appointment

We provide telehealth appointments to all patients. You will need to see your doctor at least once in 12 months for eligible Medicare rebate.

Recall system

Our Recall system is a follow up process, whereby you are contacted in regards to the ordered tests or to receive follow up treatment.

Reminder system

If you wish to be put on our reminder system for such things as diabetes screening, thyroid screening, prostate check, full health checks etc, please speak to your doctor on your next visit and this can be arranged. Pap smear reminders are sent every five years as a matter of course.

Repeat prescription and referrals

An appointment is required for repeat prescriptions and referrals.

Telephone interpreter service

Phone 131 450

Please bring your Medicare card with you to the surgery, and let us know if you change your details.

We welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have to make our practice more efficient.

If you have a complaint, please notify the Practice Manager, in the first instance. She will pass this on to the appropriate person, or discuss your complaint with your doctor. Alternatively, please ask for a complaint form.

Privacy and confidentiality obligations

All information collected by this practice is deemed to be private and confidential. The right of every patient is respected.

This practice complies with Federal and State privacy regulations including the Privacy Act 1998, the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and Victorian Health Records Act 2001 as well as the standards set out in the RACGP Handbook for the Management of Health Information in Private Medical Practice 1st Edition (2002).  (Refer Section 6 Privacy and Security of Health Information).

Under no circumstances are members of the practice team to discuss or in any way reveal patient conditions or documentation to unauthorised staff, colleagues, other patients, family or friends, whether at the practice or outside it, such as in the home or at social occasions. This includes patient’s accounts, referral letters or other clinical documentation. 

General practitioners and other practice team members are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters, and recognise that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.

Every member of the practice team is aware of our Privacy Policy and has signed a privacy statement as part of their terms and conditions of employment or contract. This privacy statement continues to be binding even after the employment or contract has terminated.

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